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Solareclipse is the personal realm of Charles Capps. That'd be me. :) I'm a Perl developer, graphics tinkerer, and web hacker, working for Infopop Corporation in Seattle, WA, though I'm originally from the San Jose area.

Solareclipse is somewhat redundant - there really isn't that much here at all that would be of interest to you. All the juicy bits are accessable via the menu to your left. If, for some odd reason, your web browser isn't rendering this page in a sane manner, you should seriously consider coming back after upgrading to something decent, like Mozilla.

A bit of Solareclipse-y history

In June of 1998, things weren't looking up in the communities I participated in. The heads of the communities were coming down with near fatal cases of Real-Life-Itis. They were unable to manage what they had created. This was a Bad Thing.

A friend of mine and I decided to do something about it, so we announced our intention to take our parts of the site independantly. We never finished, as we got cases of Real-Life-Itis ourselves. Slowly but surely, it's all coming together though. Give me another decade. :)

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Utopia Planitia 3
Phoenix Chat
Ethereal Plains
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